Friday, September 30, 2016

Why We Should Eat More Butter or Ghee!

Have you ever heard of butyrate? It's the food/energy for our cells lining our colon. "Without butyrates for energy, colon cells undergo autophagy (self digestion) and die.[1] "

"Butyrate is a molecule, called a short-chain fatty acid. Fatty acids are building blocks of fats and our cells can not be without them. This particular fatty acid is very small and is usually is made by bacteria living in our gut ..."

"Short-chain fatty acids, which include butyrate, are produced by beneficial colonic bacteria (probiotics) that feed on, or ferment prebiotics, which are plant products that contain adequate amounts of dietary fiber."

"Butyrate can also be made by animals’ own cells – for example, it can be found in the form of butyric acid in dairy products (especially butter) [R4]. Butter contains about 3-4% of butyrate in form of tributyrin and it is actually from butter that butyrate gets its name [R5, R6]."

What I've learned through my research is I can consume butter or ghee rather than worry about my fiber intake to ensure I'm producing butyrate. The production of butyrate during the fermentation process of fiber relies on a type of gut bacteria. There is an interesting article published on Yahoo; Fiber's Cancer-Fighting Effect Depends on Gut Bacteria that references a study suggesting it's the combination of the fiber and the right types of bacteria. Getting butyrate from butter ensures that all of the cells in your body will benefit from the energy because it becomes available early in the digestive process. Getting butyrate from fiber only benefits the colon cells as it becomes available after bacteria in the colon produce it (it must be the right bacteria). Any butyrate that the bacteria in your colon produce, but that your colon cells don't consume gets stored as fat.

There are many references online that provide butyrate's benefits, such as an increase in your metabolic rate, it may prevent cancer by “starving” cancer cells but feeding healthy cells, an increase in lean muscle mass, decrease inflammation and it fuels your brain. For a high level understanding please read PaleoLeap's blog or for a more in-depth scientific understanding please read the Hyperlipid blog Part 1 and Part 2).

Uses of butter or Ghee; cooking, bullet-proof coffee and cubies (see my recipe here). ENJOY BUTTER/GHEE!

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