Saturday, November 26, 2016

It's Easier To Sustain A Paleo Diet If You Stock Your Refrigerator With The Right Foods

Embracing the paleo/keto approach six years ago has transformed my refrigerator. It consists of all fresh foods and high fat products.

There are many staples I have on hand and then there are some additions if I'm trying a new recipe or preparing a one-off dish.

My main staples you'll find in my refrigerator are grass-fed heavy cream, organic cacao butter, ghee, local eggs, homemade heavy cream yogurt, liver, no sugar italian sausage, coffee (decaf/regular), sparkling water, homemade pulled pork, crockpot chicken, homemade bone broth, coffee, assortment of fresh herbs, organic spinach-cucumbers-avocados-red bell peppers-red onion and

My freezer is not only storing grass-fed beef, flap steaks, chicken thighs, chicken skin, liver, beef heart, no sugar sausage, salmon and cubies, but also homemade bone broth and crockpot dishes. I enjoy cooking meals and storing them in the freezer for future use. If I get back from a trip I'm able to heat up a meal.

If I have a new recipe it's always paleo/keto based. Although there are many paleo recipes online I tend to use them as inspiration. I find a lot of recipes use sweeteners and flours, which I have chosen not to incorporate in my diet. My palate has shifted away from sweet flavors and instead prefers rich fats and spices.

These aspects are key to sustaining a paleo/keto diet; having the right foods available allows me to sustain my paleo/keto diet all year round.

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