Saturday, December 31, 2016

Reinvent Yourself

It's the last day of 2016 and I'm enjoying this moment of reflection.

After stepping away from the corporate world in 2015, I had a deep desire to leave societal values/pressures behind. This allowed me to approach the past year with the ability let go, explore, face challenging interactions and discover my authentic self. It led to an incredible year of growth, freedom, insight, new experiences and deep connections with people and nature.

As I traveled, met new people, nurtured existing relationships, read books and embraced a simple homelife I have learned a great deal about who I am and the journey of my choices, past and present.

Every choice has an outcome and with those outcomes there is something to be learned, whether positive or negative. I've found while in the moment of choice uncovering motivations, tapping into our source of values/beliefs and listening to our truths can provide more authentic driven decisions.

It was this insight that led me down a transformative path. I've now chosen to shift my contributions from the high tech corporate world to academia and social work. I have recently started working in the research field at our local university and at the same time been accepted to a private university to acquire my Masters in Counseling.

I would not have realized this reinvention of self without operating from authentic choices. I would have based my next move on financial extravagance, relying on my domain experience, equating success with job title and material recognition. However, I broke the cycle of letting fears determine my choices. Letting go of superficial desires, wants and expectations, which are fear based, has allowed me to recognize the learned self and transform into the true self. I'm no longer invested in how it should be, but what it could be.

My choices now welcome the unknowns, throw caution to the wind and focus on the process, not the outcome. I believe this is what living life to the fullest resembles.

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